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About us

IMCG, s.r.o. is focusing on implementation and support of information system solutions based on SAP AG products. The company was founded in 2004 by a tema of professionals with longer term experiences with SAP implementations not only in the Czech Republic. The main goal was to broaden the profolio of services that can be offered by independant consultats.

Our key priority is good communication with the client during the whole information system's life cycle. Based on this we build a team of consultants and professionals necessary for smooth and successful implementation and subsequent support operation.

IMCG employees and partners have rich experiences and are used to work in multilingual and multicultural environments and teams. They are all:

  • Experts on SAP products with extensive knowledge of their prime functional areas as well as good integration view
  • Very good in czech as well as foreign language communication
  • Team players as well as Team leaders
  • Client oriented and focused

We do not want to offer quantity of less experienced personell. We rather focus on the areas where we can guarantee the quality of value added service as well as provide the future continuity in its delivery.

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